Hello! I'm LynDee.


I believe that education, formal or informal, wisely applied enables individuals to develop greater control over their lives, broaden their understanding of the world, and expand their ability to see and meet the needs of their own and other communities. History is an essential part of education because, in the words of Sam Wineburg, it "holds the potential of humanizing us in ways offered by few other areas in the school curriculum" by connecting us to the people and world around us, both past and present. A solid understanding of history teaches us about ourselves and others and promotes genuine understanding, tolerance, and appreciation. I firmly believe that in order to progress as individuals, communities, and nations, we must remember, be grateful to, and learn from those who went before us. This is why I research and teach history.

Right now, I am teaching at Lone Peak High School in Utah. I recently completed a Master of Arts in History and Public History Certificate at Georgia Southern University in Statesboro, Georgia. While there, I worked as Education Coordinator for the university museum. Prior to that, I taught middle school for three years at Lakeridge Jr. High School in Orem, Utah.

Teaching, history, and research are three of my passions. My current research interests include American history (early colonization through New Nation), world history, consumer history, and genealogy/oral history. One of my favorite things to do is approach a new topic--one I know little or nothing about--and dive into the research. I have found that the world is truly a fascinating place!

Outside of the academic and professional world, I love to rock climb, crochet, hike, watch a good movie, sing in the car, and be with my family.