Unit 1: Foundational Skills

Unit 1 Learning Targets

1.1 - I can describe relative location and explain how absolute location relates to longitude and latitude.

1.2 - I can identify the oceans and key regions of the world and and name the continents on which the regions

                  are found.

1.3 - I can identify political, physical, and thematic maps and explain the uses of each.

1.4 - I can read a map and apply what is on the map to the real world.

1.5 - I can create a map that demonstrates an accurate knowledge of our world.

Compass on Map.jpg

Wednesday, August 28

- Finished Geography Basics

Due Dates:

- Disclosure (Aug. 30)

Thursday, August 29

- Assignment: Draw a Map

Due Dates:

- Disclosure (Aug. 30)

Friday, August 30

- Assignment: World Map


Due Dates:

- Disclosures DUE TODAY

Wednesday, September 4

- Unit 1: Foundational Skills Study


Thursday, September 5

- Unit 1 Foundational Skills Test

Compass on Map.jpg

Friday, September 6