Unit 1: Native Americans

Unit 1 Learning Targets

A1.1 - I can identify the Native American regions on a map.

A1.2 - I can describe the characteristics of the lives of the Native Americans in each region

A1.3 - I can describe common characteristics of Native Americans in the United States.

A1.4 - I can describe how the geography of a specific region affected the lives of Native Americans living

in that region.

US Geography.png

Tuesday, August 27

- PP: US Geography Basics

- US Map Printout for Your Notes

Due Dates:

- Disclosure (Aug. 30)

Ancient American City.jpg

Wednesday, August 28

- Ancient Civilization Readings

- PP: Who Will Last the Longest?

- Only did Aztecs today.

Due Dates:

- Disclosure (Aug. 30)

Ancient American City.jpg

Thursday, August 29

- Finish Aztec, Inca, Maya (see last 


- Turned In: Writing Assignment (see

      last slide in PP)

Due Dates:

- Disclosure (Aug. 30)

Tuesday, September 3

- Native American Regions (see last


- Regions Organizer (see last time)

Wednesday, September 4

- Finish Native American Regions

Turn In: Regions Organizer