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US History: Welcome to Class!

Below is the table of contents for US History this year. If you are trying to track down what you missed due to an absence, use the dates below each to determine which unit you need to access and click to follow the link. You will only be able to look at current and past units (not future units).

Unit 1: Native Americans

August 20 - September 6

Unit 2: Exploring the Americas

September 9 - September 18

Unit 3: Roanoke, Jamestown, Plymouth

September 19 - September 24

Unit 4: The 13 Colonies

September 25 - October 1

Unit 5: Road to Revolution

October 2 - October 16

Unit 6: American Revolution

October 21 - October 28

Unit 7: The Constitution

October 29 - Current

My Schedule

Period 1:   US History A

Period 2:   Teacher Prep.

Period 3:   US History A

Period 4:   US History A

Period 5:   US History A 

Period 6:   World Geography

Important Documents:

US History Disclosure Document

Possible Movie List

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