2016 - 2017

The Stewart House

The Stewart House is a historic home located in Portal, Georgia. Dr. James A. Stewart was a founding member of the town and a prominent doctor in it and the surrounding communities. The house was built c. 1908 and occupied by the Stewart Family until the late 1900s when it was donated to the Portal Heritage Society.

I led a collaborative team to compile a historic structure report. Other members of the team included classes from the Department of Civil Engineering and Construction Management at Georgia Southern University and individuals from Savannah Technical College's Preservation Department.

The completed report included an analysis of the structure, a full photo inventory and analysis of the collection, related histories, and two different types of three-dimensional models: Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) and Building Informational Modeling (BIM). 


Historical Markers

Georgia is rich in history just about everywhere you go. I was pleased to be asked by a member of the Bulloch Country Historical Society to write three markers for their Historical Marker Program. The three markers were:

          - Burkhalter Road - Intersection of Langston Chapel

             (used to be part of Burkhalter)  and Harville Roads in

             Statesboro, Georgia

          - The City of Statesboro - Intersection of East Main and

             Savannah Ave  in Statesboro, Georgia

          - Bulloch County's Railroad History - location TBA


Each of these were a lesson in brevity - how to say a lot in a very limited space. When you only have twenty lines, each with a maximum of sixty characters (including spaces), there is no beating around the bush.


Narrator in Historical Documentary

Bonaventure Cemetery is a historic cemetery located in Savannah, Georgia. It is currently owned by the city of Savannah and managed by the Bonaventure Historical Society. 

In 2015, the society asked intern Daniel Hancock to write and produce a historical documentary about the cemetery. I was privileged to narrate the short film. This was a fun and unique experience. Hancock was a delight to work with and the finished product is both interesting and educational. The documentary can be viewed on Bonaventure Historical Society's website or on YouTube. Click the links below to view.

From Plantation to Cemetery:

- Bonaventure Historical Society

- YouTube